Notices:  Meetings & Dues

Annual Meeting was held on:

  • Date:  Saturday, January 4, 2020

  • Location:  

    • Scallop Republic

    • 411 Cape San Blas Road

  • Time:  1:00 PM ET

Other Upcoming Meetings:

  • To be announced

Boardwalk News!

HOA Dues Information:

  • Payment Options:  Annually or Quarterly

  • Mail Payments to HOA PO Box.  See Contact Us.

  • Annual Payment (receives 5% discount):

    • Developed Lot = ​$912

    • Unimproved Lot = $741

    • Payments Due:  Jan 31st

  • Quarterly Payments:​

    • Developed Lot = ​$240

    • Unimproved Lot = $195

    • Payments Due:  

      • Jan 31st,

      • Apr 30th,

      • Jul 31st, &

      • Oct 31st  

  • 2020 Assessment Due End of March 2020

    • Developed Lot = $240​

    • Unimproved Lot = $195

February Pool Update!

The Pool Project is Finished and the Pool is Open!  We have a few miscellaneous items to complete but we can still call the Project a wrap.  Some of the items of interest include:
  • The pool is up to Florida Code.
  • The interior pool lights are now working with new electrical box installed.
  • The pavers turned out very attractive in addition to providing greater strength and functionality.
  • Although the new fence does not have the character of the old fence, it’s up to code and functional.
  • There is a new gate to the gazebo.  This means the fencing around the gazebo does not need to conform to code.
  • New solar lights are installed around the pool area to prevent light pollution and are turtle safe.  Additional lighting is pending.
  • The solar heater is now on automatic.  The solar controller has been repaired and is being monitored for any issues.  
  • The landscaping around the pool has been cleaned and pine straw was spread. 
  • Although the stain in the pool is still present (thanks to Michael), it has faded and will continue to fade.  So far, all attempts to remove the stain have failed. We will continue to research additional solutions.
  • We have not received all the invoices for the project.  Projections show we are very close to our budget. We will publish the figures after we receive all the data.
As you all know, this has been a major project.  It has taken the efforts of many. I just wanted to give a shout out to the following:
Judy Waugaman
Val Homan
Mike Giere
Jim Waugaman
Ron Quakenbush
Paul McCleod
Brooks and Faye Jones
Bizelle and Guy Spence 
Trent & Teresa Gallivan
Kilgore’s Paving
A & R Fencing
Repairs by Russell
Mize Plumbing 
Wesley Electric
Coastal Pool and Spa
And, thank you to everyone for your moral support.  
Best Regards,
Larry Bull
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
New Roofs on Gazebos


Thanks to Trent and Terry Gallivan, Mike Giere and Val Homan, We now have beautiful new roofs on both gazebos on our boardwalks! We appreciate them volunteering their time and beautifying our neighborhood!

Front Entrance Update Project


Thanks again to Trent and Teri Gallivan for taking on the Front Entrance Project Update!  Project included installing white landscape pavers to create low border, adding soil and planting a few drought tolerant indigenous plants.  Plan is to evaluate a mini version of the new entrance look on Pebble Beach next year!

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