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Boardwalk NEWS!

Letter to Members About
Covenants & By-Laws

Dear Boardwalk HOA Members:

As most of you are aware our Covenants and By-Laws underwent a revitalization in 2020
because they had expired. The revitalization at that time did not allow for substantive changes to these governing documents. Since then, we have completed the laborious process of revising and updating our documents according to the current Florida Statutes. Under the Statutes we need a 2/3 majority vote to approve the new documents. You will be receiving a packet from our law firm with a copy of the new documents along with a proxy for you to return. Please return the proxy promptly. The Board encourages you to vote yes on both revised documents.

You may recall we requested input from the Members of the HOA for items they would like to be added or eliminated from our governing documents. I must assure you every attempt was made to incorporate as many of these suggestions as was legal under the Florida Statutes. We also eliminated any reference to “The Developer”. This was a holdover from the original documents. The referenced passages were irrelevant and have been eliminated. I would like to highlight some of the other modifications you might see in the revised documents. For comparison, the “old” or current documents are on our website at

Here are some of the Covenant’s highlights based on Article Number:

  • Article I; Definitions: The major change here is the added definition of “Unit”. This allows for the legal distinction between an undeveloped lot verses a developed lot.

  • Article II; Property Subject to Declaration: No substantive changes

  • Article III; Membership and Voting Rights: Better defines the one vote per lot.

  • Article IV; Common Area: No major changes.

  • Article V; Maintenance Assessment: This article is complicated and based on requests for distinctions between undeveloped lot, lot with a unit, and a lot with a rental unit. This allows for the fee structure to differentiate between the different properties. Although this gives us the option of charging additional fees to rental property, it is the Board’s belief that this additional fee needs to be studied before we can charge the extra fee for rental property. This article also allows for a new owner Transfer Fee. This is an important Article. Please read it over carefully.

  • Article VI; ARB: Only change is majority of Board rather than 2/3 vote to overrule ARB.

  • Article VII; Use Restrictions: New dwelling must be at least 1,200 square feet, exclusive of porches and decks. All pilings shall be installed using water jetting method. Any damage caused to the Property by an Owner while performing pile driving must be promptly repaired by said Owner, the cost of which shall be the sole responsibility of the Owner. Also, signage is better defined. In addition, rental property owners need to read Section 13. New requirements may affect you.

  • Article VIII; Term and Amendments: Should be self-explanatory.

  • Article IX; General Provisions: No major changes


As far as the By-Laws are concerned, inconsistencies between the Covenants and By-Laws were corrected. The other major changes include:

  • Give 7 days’ notice of meeting.

  • Allowing virtual meetings.

  • Ability to change the date of the Annual Meeting based on conflicts such as storms, illness or a Super Bowl game.


Please read over these documents and forward any questions. A lot of work has gone into
making these documents fair and equitable as possible. I would like to thank Regi Wahl and Ron Quakenbush for their help in this project. I know we cannot please everyone but I believe these documents will work for many years to come. As previously stated, the Board encourages you to vote yes on both revised documents.

Thank you,
Larry Bull
Boardwalk HOA

Boardwalk Rebuild

A Big Shoutout and Thank You to the people below that put in a weeks worth of planning, pickup, food and good old fashioned hard work:

Trent and Terry Gallivan, Doyle (Buck) Boyd, Larry Bull, Michael Marks, Russ Neal, Valerie Homan, Mike Giere, Ron Quakenbush, Guy Wheelis and a Cape neighbor, John Loundsbury!



Boardwalk Rebuild.jpg

A Letter from our President


January 8, 2023

Dear Boardwalk HOA Members:

I just wanted to let you know our new Board was elected on January 7, 2023 at the
Annual Meeting. I am pleased to announce our new Board

President - Larry Bull
Vice President - Pool Michael Marks
Secretary - Cindy Boyd
Treasurer - Val Homan
Boardwalk/Grounds - Trent Gallivan
Landscaping/Pool - Terry Gallivan
ARB & Pumps - Doyle Boyd
Ad Hoc - Jennifer Garthwaite

We look forward to working together to make our neighborhood safe and sound. There 
will be some hard choices this year and we are asking for everyone’s cooperation and help.
If you missed the Annual Meeting you can view the slides and read the minutes of the meeting on our 
website Give us a day or two to get this information posted.
We will be resuming the work on the repair of the boardwalks in a couple of weeks or so. Please contact Trent Gallivan if you can help even for a couple of hours a day. The more people we have the faster we can finish. Trent will give us dates when we can
expect to be starting the work.
We look forward to a successful 2023. The Board thanks you for your help and support.
It’s an honor to be serving as your President once again this year.

Larry Bull


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