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We regret to announce the passing of

Patricia Wynne Goldinger



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New Pool Sanitation System


We have now switched the pool sanitation from Chlorine to Saline.  We think you will find that this is a positive change. 


What is a Saline System?  A saline pool uses common salt (NaCL) to make chlorine.  Salt is inexpensive and abundant.  Let’s explore why a saline pool makes sense.


  • Spend less on expensive chemicals each year.

  • Over the lifespan of the system, this can mean 40-50% savings - possibly more!

  • Less maintenance required

  • You get consistent sanitation so you can count on blue & clear water.

  • Won’t irritate your skin or eyes, no harsh smell

  • Salt pools eliminate “chloramines”, the chemical byproduct responsible for dry red eyes, bleached swimsuits, and that lingering caustic smell.

  • Nicer water quality & swimming experience

  • People describe the water as feeling “soft” & “silky”, much more like being in a pure and natural body of water


The saline system has been working great for a while now.  We would appreciate any feedback or comments.

Boardwalk 2022 Rebuild

Boardwalk Pumps Update Sept. 2021

Hello Neighbors:


Much work has been accomplished over the last few weeks on the pump system challenges spearheaded by Doyle Boyd, Valerie Homan and a few others.

   *  Doyle finally got GCPS to clean out the multiple buckets of sand that were in the bottom of the capture tank, most probably restricting the intake function on the pumps.

   *  He was able to get the electrician from Current Solutions out to check the electrical function.  See below.

   *  Doyle and the electrician have both discussed what is going on with the manufacture of the panel and that guy has been extremely helpful.

   *   We also met with Charlie of Current Solutions recently ... following are notes & pics.

       -  Electrical Panel:  The electrical aspects of the pumps are all working properly.    Charlie opened the panel further and the three pumps have primary lights internal to the panel.   They all cycled and lit up appropriately when tested.   The pic below show that they are all unlit, as the pumps had pumped down at the point we took the pic.    The 3 lights we normally look at were only lighting up on Pump 3 and never Pump 1 or 2.   We determined those two bulbs were burned out.   Charlie talked to the manufacturer guy and he is shipping 3 new lights ($20 each) to be installed on the side of the box visible without opening the door to the panel.  They don't use what we currently have anymore lights, these new ones are LEDs and sturdier.  We will need to pay Charlie to install them.


      -   Leak in Primary Outflow pipe/Backflow prevention not working?  The big pipe that exits the tank holding area sending water to the dunes is leaking (looks rusted out).   The pic attached is how much water is back flowing ... the pumps were all off at this point!  When the pumps were on, this leak was about 4 times as much.    This may explain why our electrical bill went up so much over the last two years as the pumps just can never quit running unless we have a drought.   
    Note:  Charlie is working with Jack Husband on a house build.  He is going to ask Jack if there was a backflow valve installed in the original design.


     -   Lock needed on box:   Doyle has pointed out a serious liability having that electrical box where kids could get into it.    We are looking for a solution which will allow us to either put a stainless steel combo lock (if we can find one small enough) or have Charlie install a hasp we can put a lock on. 

When you see Doyle, please give him a big Thank You for taking on this project. This has been an extreme challenge to our neighborhood ever since we've had extra construction and heavy rains, not to mention the hurricane. With the recent thunderstorms, we're seeing the pumps working well enough to keep the puddles down and we'll continue to resolve this issue until it is 100% satisfactory.


We'd also like to thank Trent Gallivan, Valerie Homan and a few others for support in this endeavor.